Art Classes

I offer art lessons for ceramic arts and abstract acrylic painting in an informal and friendly atmosphere where students choose what they want to learn. I usually teach individually, but also in small groups.


art lesson

One of my abstrct painting students working at my studio.

Groups or private lessons

Some learn best when you are alone with the teacher, others in the group. No matter which type you are, we will find the type of lesson that suits you best.

What is the aim of the lesson?

You are a beginner and want to get a taste? Have you been active as an artist for a long time and looking for new ideas? No matter what drives you, you determine the goal. Whether learning to draw, colour theory, working with clay, etc. - say what you want to learn and I will show you the way.

How often do I have lessons?

How often classes take place depends entirely on you and your time. Of course, it is better to practice regularly and stay close to the topic. That's not possible with you? No problem, we will find a suitable solution for you.

Where do the lessons take place?

The lessons take place in my art studio in San Jose, California. All necessary materials including kiln for firing the clay are directly accessible.

Contact me

Have I aroused your interest? For further information, please contact me via the contact form or simply call me directly at +1 (408) 202 2180.