Twins - a new series is born.

Twins are very similar in many ways, but each has its own personality. It's the same with the pictures of my new series.


Two canvases get the same background in the first step. The fact that the colour here and there runs differently is in the nature of the thing.

In the second step, the actual subject is applied to the canvas. I developed this technique, which requires two canvases, about 25 years ago in Europe. The exact functionality is not revealed here. The right timing, sure instinct and lots of imagination are decisive for success.


And then the time has come: The twins are in front of you. Identical at first glance. A closer look reveals the small differences. And these are exactly what make up the respective personality. In life and in art.

The new series will be online in the next few weeks with all motifs. And then there is only one decision left: if I buy the twins or if I only want one of the two motifs.

I am looking forward to offering this new series for sale soon. In the meantime, just browse through the Paintings section. There are many other pictures, some of which are for sale.

And as always I am curious about your opinion. Write me what you think about the new series. I am very happy about your feedback.